Robin Erkel

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Robin is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

She frequently travels internationally to facilitate and serve. Get in touch to co-create.

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Robin Erkel

Robin embodies what she shares and loves what she does; inviting you, with her heart wide open, into a profound self-awakening process. Guiding you into the remembrance of your authentic heart held Being, into the natural wisdom brought about by the Lifeforce Energy Awakening Process. 


Robin is an embodied energy facilitator, a conduit for raw life force energy, transmitting nondual awareness in the most natural state of Being. 

LEAP is founded upon this Presence of Being, while simply living through all the ‘waves of Life’. There has been no greater teacher for Robin than Life itself. The Divine Surrender to the battle, the balance, the journey through time and space woke her up into this vast source, where a pure impersonal peace and stillness brings forth an indescribable sense of wholeness.


Just like LEAP came naturally to her, also the Lifeforce Energy School came about very intuitively. Where she guides you to Wake up to the miracle of being Alive, finding true sanctuary within, no matter what life brings you. To discover that you were never broken, never un-whole… 



You can read more about Robin & LEAP in this recent interview with MysticMag. 

Training & Experience

Mission Possible

Throughout her life, Robin has gone through deep transformation in consciousness through many different trainings and modalities. She is a trained Ayurvedic practitioner – Living the wisdom of Ayurveda (Sanskrit for ‘science of life’) for over 8 years now. Not denying the wisdom of modern medicine and sciences, she studied psychosocial and general medical basics alongside her Ayurvedic studies. She studied Social Work and Counseling, and also became an Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher and a Transformational Breathwork facilitator. She finished many courses and trainings for her personal growth and expansion of knowledge in the many dimensionalities of transformation.

Robin now blends all these modalities into one, recognizing that one is not so different from the other and the essence is the same: the laws of nature at play. Igniting agni/prana/kundalini/life force/universal energy from within. Guiding you to heal, guiding you to your essence, your nature, your truth, your dharma; aligned with heart. To live life fully Now.

She found that, no matter how many studies and trainings she has done, it is the ultimate Experience of Life itself that grants the greatest gifts, insights and wisdoms – in surrender to whatever is arising in the moment.

Now humbly and lovingly crossing paths with you on this journey we call Life ♡

Robin wishes to inspire others to become their own healer, live with heart and follow their deep innerTruth. Where she holds space for you to flow through your own process, finding your balance from within. Into making decisions that are true to the authentic you, breaking through painful self-imposed limitations and conditionings that don’t serve you anymore, and transform your experience on Earth from the inside out.  


To get closer to this heart felt energy inside, living a content and happy life with Meaning. When at the same time being part of the collective in which we co-create a beautiful world into being. Where we share paths, where healing of all sorts of issues and entanglements happen: energetically, emotionally, mentally and physically. To live a live of resilience, love, trust and deep inner peace. This is a Mission Possible.

Wakeful Dream

Dreaming a conscious community into being





We dream of co-creating a conscious community into being. Where there is space for healing, growth and sustainability in all dimensions of these words. 

From community based Being and dialogues into practical steps and learning – somewhere in between the linear and the non-linear through all walks of life. 

Feel free to join us and let us know if you have space, ideas or insights to help set this wakeful dream in motion ♥


We’ve all been given a gift, the gift of life. What we do with our lives is our gift back.

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