Robin Erkel

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Robin is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

She frequently travels internationally to facilitate and serve. Get in touch to co-create.

+31 6 41 60 51 26



Lifeforce Energy Awakening Process

Aligning with your true Self

A deep dive within

LEAP Lifeforce Energy Awakening Process Immersion Retreats are a profound gift to yourself: an invitation to stop running away from Life.  To turn towards your joy, your bliss, your pain and your sorrow, and embrace what arises in loving arms. To discover Who You Really Are. To rest from the exhaustion of modern living, to turn towards your heart and experience what is truly alive within you

An invitation to fully experience yourself, the dark and the light, the comfortable and the uncomfortable parts. A chance to dive deeply into your Being, surrounded by nature, nourished by good food, supported in a safe and nurturing environment with like-minded friends you haven’t met yet… 🕊✨ 

Upcoming Retreats

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