Robin Erkel

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Robin is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

She frequently travels internationally to facilitate and serve. Get in touch to co-create.

+31 6 41 60 51 26



A profound healing and transformation journey

finding your balance, joy and fulfillment from within

In InnnerHealing Robin will help you be your own healer. With all the knowledge and experience she has acquired over the last decade, she will join you on your path of understanding and finding balance in your unique body-mind. So that you can take practical steps into healing the emotional, mental and physical imbalances you encounter. 



In practice you can expect a mix of the wisdom of Ayurveda (consultations and treatments), as well as breathwork, counseling and direct life force energy transmissions. Where the journey is always fully adjusted to your unique being and situation. In which we co-create a safe space, for healing and transformation to take place; finding your balance and taking practical steps for lasting change. Guiding you into a life where you feel resilient, happy and fulfilled.


All sessions with Robin can be held either in English or in Dutch.

a natural way to heal


Ayurveda is a body of wisdom that teaches us how to live healthy and happy in our body in the most natural way possible. How to actually Live nature’s wisdom that’s so inherent in us.

Kundalini transmissions

Lifeforce Energy Awakening Process

Robin finds this transmission process to be the most profound way of healing, as it creates more alignment and connection with your truth, values, passions, and purpose. Broadening your conscious awareness in a deep sense.

It often creates so much alignment that it is easier to maintain:

  • A healthy lifestyle
  • Make dietary changes
  • Letting go of addictions and habits that don’t serve you anymore
  • Strengthening manifestation

And so much more…

breath = life


With the experience Robin has as a breathwork facilitator, she can show you how to effectively use your breathing to anchor more healing, energy and peace of mind in your system. 


Furthermore she provides Transformational Breath sessions, using a specific way of breathing that can (like in a LEAP session) bring about a release of blockages and tension in the body and mind.