Robin Erkel

Let’s co-create a beautiful world together. Join our community, share and receive.


Robin is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

She frequently travels internationally to facilitate and serve. Get in touch to co-create.

+31 6 41 60 51 26




Kundalini Activation Process 

    KAP Private 1:1 in person (2 hours)


    3x private 1:1 KAP


    KAP private 1:1 online (2 hours)


    KAP private 1:2 in person (2 hours)


    KAP private 1:3 in person (2 hours)


    KAP semi private group session (3 hours)


    KAP open class / group session (2 hours)


Ayurvedic consultations

    Ayurvedic consultation, intake (2 hours)


    Ayurvedic consultation, follow up (60 min.)

    €80 (€65 when online)

Ayurvedic treatments

    Abhyanga massage (90 min.)


    Marma massage (60 min.)


    Karna Purana (40 min.)


    Nasya (40 min.)


    Kati Basti (45 min.)


    Greeva Basti (45 min.)


    Akshitarpana/Netra Basti (45 min.)



    private breathwork session (2 hours)


    Semi private group session (2 hours)



    Counseling session



If you feel drawn to Robin her work and would like to work with her, but don’t have the financial resources, please don’t hesitate to still get in touch. Robin wants her service to be available for everyone who feels drawn to it.



If on the other hand you are someone who does have the financial resources, and would like to help a fellow brother or sister that is not able to afford it, you could make a donation for someone else. Robin can only stretch herself so much, so in this way we can help each other – and therefor the world – transform and grow in a beautiful communal way. You can make your donation through Paypal here. If you’d like to use a different payment method, please get in touch.