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Robin is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Breathwork Coaching

Your breathing pattern reflects what is going on inside you. Changing your way of breathing has direct consequences for your physical and mental condition. Our body, our feelings and our thoughts are closely connected and influence each other. 


Everyone has a unique breathing pattern. And chronic stress, incorrect posture and/or drastic events and trauma can cause us to develop a breathing pattern that hinders our optimal functioning. We then usually breathe shallow and high in our chest, where we use only a small part of our total lung capacity. As a result, your organs don’t get enough oxygen, meaning they cannot function optimally. Your energy reserves run out quickly and you experience various physical and mental complaints. 


With breathwork coaching, as it were, you learn to breathe again; for more energy, relaxation, healing and resilience. Uncovering what it is to breathe consciously and efficiently, with all it’s positive consequences. 

Transformational Breathwork session 

During a breathwork session we work towards a connected breathing; a continuous deep breathing without pauses. This ensures that you breathe in large amounts of oxygen, closed respiratory areas open again, and your energy level increases, bringing about a detoxification process as well.


Connected breathing brings you in the now. It stills your thoughts and brings your attention back to experiencing the present moment. This creates space for emotions, experiences, insights and old memories to emerge during the session. Sometimes it takes courage and perseverance to see and feel everything completely. But no matter what happens, and as much as our thoughts want to hold us back, this time you breathe through it to transform it.


Robin guides you to stay with your breath so that you can surrender to the emotions and let the previously blocked energy flow again. You may leave old pains and obstructive thoughts behind you, where stress, tension, fatigue, fear and insecurity will gradually give way to relaxation, confidence and joy. 

1 on 1 support

private session

Robin offers private breathwork sessions for those who want a more intimate and personalized experience. Tapping into the power of the breath together. This includes a transformational breathwork session ánd breathwork coaching, where extra supportive practices are offered. Allowing you to integrate and live your insights day-to-day. 

breathwork circles

semi private session

Semi private breathwork sessions or circles are held in a small and intimate group.


During these beautiful, warm and healing circles, everyone has their own unique process. And the amazing thing about breathing together is that you reinforce each other. Going through this process together creates a deep connection and recognition of universal themes, such as wonder, joy, sadness, jealousy, anger, fear and love. 


If you would like to organize a semi private breathwork session you can let us know and we make it happen.