Robin Erkel

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Robin is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

She frequently travels internationally to facilitate and serve. Get in touch to co-create.

+31 6 41 60 51 26


Are you ready for a change? yes
LEAP IMMERSION RETREATS Experience what is truly alive within you discover more LEAP Facilitator Training Feeling the call to facilitate profound transformation? discover more
Your journey into feeling whole again – into the joy of being alive

Healing & Transformation from Within

Your journey into feeling whole again – into the joy of being alive

Healing & Transformation

 from Within

Lifeforce Energy Awakening Process

LEAP is a direct transmission of life force energy that naturally activates a profound self-awakening process, often also called kundalini awakening. Where the awakening is into full realization of who you truly are, that’s impossible to describe in words, yet here to be experienced…

LEAP Facilitator Training

In the LEAP facilitator training you’re guided from the Heart to move through the Lifeforce Energy Awakening Process to become a strong conduit for the LEAP transmission process. Learning to facilitate private and group sessions.

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Life force energy
Are you ready for a change? Ready to re-connect and align with your power within? To trust and surrender into the process of a direct and unfiltered experience of your essence. Saying yes to your truth and heart. Guiding you into more authenticity, awareness and fulfillment… discover more

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Healing yourself
from the inside out
Are you ready to heal the wounds that keep you from living your life fully? To let go of habits that don’t serve you anymore? Diving deep into what it means to be your own healer, of physical, mental and emotional blockages and stress?
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with her heart
wide open
“Welcome in a place
of deep Trust,

where all of you can Be. Where your authentic self is seen. Where your essence can be re-membered, and we share, care and create together.
I’m here to hold space for you to flow through your own process, helping you on your journey back Home, finding your own truth, healing, purpose and fulfillment.”
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